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From creators to brands to growth agencies, read how leaders are benefiting from my expertise


Brad Stulberg

Author, Penguin Random House

“As a bestselling author, it’s crucial that I have a strong social media presence. Ben’s my go-to expert on all things audience growth. It’s great to work with someone like Ben who brings a data-driven & systematic approach to his work. None of his coaching is off-the-shelf. It’s all personalized. I am so fortunate to have him in my corner. I seriously couldn’t recommend him more strongly enough.”


Dan Go

CEO, High Performance Founder

“I noticed Ben go from 0 to 100K+ Twitter followers in 6 months. So I wanted to connect and find out what he was doing. He showed me his “Creator Method” approach to audience building. I was impressed by his unique content frameworks, platform knowledge, and tips for optimizing CTAs (to grow my newsletter). I know a ton of Creators, and Ben is one of the most strategic and data-driven. He also happens to be an all-around great guy!”


Taylin Simmons

Agency Owner, Ghostlii

“Ben’s coaching has paid insane dividends! Before meeting Ben, Ghostlii provided growth services on Twitter. He upskilled my team on LinkedIn & IG—helping us expand to new platforms. We applied these strategies to grow one of our clients by 15,000 followers in 30 days while generating $80,000 in profits from organic leads. Oh, and thanks to Ben for increasing my company’s MRR by 30% in the process. I made back the cost of his coaching in less than 48 hours 🤯”

My areas of expertise

1. Brand Building / Content Strategy / Audience Growth


  • Built 1.4M+ audience (IG: 600K+, LinkedIn: 420K+, Twitter: 360K+)
  • Generated 650M+ impressions in 2022
  • Scaled System Sunday newsletter to 200K+ subscribers
  • Cornell MBA (Specialization in marketing)
  • Fortune 500 Consultant

Things I can advise on:

  • Brand strategy and positioning 
  • Methods for finding pre-validated topics
  • What content works best on each platform (Twitter, IG, LinkedIn)
  • Writing viral hooks/headlines
  • How to repurpose content across platforms (with minimal effort)
  • My writing tools and workflow
  • Optimizing your profile(s) for conversion (followers, email list building, sales)
  • Distribution and engagement strategies
  • Platform-specific algorithm tips to speed up your growth

2. Personal Development / Executive Coaching


  • Cornell MBA
  • NASM Certified Trainer
  • Fortune 500 Consultant

Things I can advise on:

  • Building powerful morning and evening routines
  • Goal setting and execution: How to accomplish your 2-year goal in 6 months
  • Managing your energy (fitness, sleep, meditation, etc.)
  • Protecting your focus in a distracted world (strategies and tools)
  • Networking and relationship building

Let’s Win Together

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