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Receive 1-on-1 coaching from Ben Meer (645,000+ LinkedIn followers). Access proven systems to grow your audience, drive inbound leads, & monetize your online business.

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I’ve advised many of the fastest growing experts on LinkedIn (of all sizes).

“I had 34,000 LinkedIn followers when I started working with Ben. Fast forward 6 months, and I’m at 150,000+ engaged followers and counting. My CEO coaching practice is also thriving as a result. And I’ve been approached by some of the biggest publishers in the world for my next book. Working with Ben has to be one of my best investments ever. Highly recommended!”

Eric Partaker

“Ben stood out on LinkedIn from day one with his sharp, actionable, and impressive posts. I’ve been working with him for 6 months. He helped me gain clarity on my business and the steps to get there. Ben truly cares about your success and goes above and beyond to help you achieve them.”

Lousin Mehrabi
Professional Negotiator, Board Advisor, & Keynote Speaker

“I started working with Ben 10 weeks ago with 4,800 followers. Now, I’m crossing 33,000+ this week. I immediately felt the benefits of increased LinkedIn authority in my sales and coaching business (more inbound leads and a higher response rate for outbound). Moral of the story: If Ben’s available, get his 1:1 coaching.”

Christopher Rocas
VP, Temperpack

“I was a creator for almost a year when I met Ben. I had 80,000 followers, but I’d hit a plateau. Taking Ben’s course and coaching was a total unlock. Now, 3 months later, I have 200,000+ followers on LinkedIn, 100,000+ on TikTok, and a growing Instagram & newsletter.”

Chris Donnelly
Co-Founder, Lottie

“There are a ton of people online claiming to be social media experts that will get you clicks and likes, and so on. Metrics that really don’t matter. Ben is the opposite. He becomes your personal guide and customizes a strategy for what’s important to YOUR business. He executed a plan that got me immediate results of the right customers for me at the right time.”

Shawn Shepheard
Founder, Shawn Shepheard Int.

“After my call with Ben, I went from 6,000 to 30,000 followers in 12 weeks – and doubled both my email list and executive coaching business. Thanks to him, I can see a clear path to continued growth at that rate. The ROI was out of this world. The only thing I regret is not having booked a call with Ben earlier.”

Dr. Christian Poensgen
Alchemist at Ultraproductive, Agenda Contributor at WEF

The Benefits

Why you should bet on yourself (you’ll thank me later):


Go from undiscovered to widely known, respected expert.

  • Amplify your message for social impact
  • AI and recession-proof yourself
  • Get the notoriety you deserve

Join the New Rich: Build digital leverage with media.

  • Create distribution for a one-person business, startup, future book, etc.
  • Escape your 9-5
  • Achieve financial independence
Personal Growth

Explore your curiosity while building the high ROI skill of digital writing.

  • Network with world-class thought leaders and creatives
  • Write to think more clearly
  • Increase your luck surface area


Tap into the unstoppable formula: Credibility + Visibility = Buyability


  • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile for maximum influence & conversion (7 social signal hacks)…

  • Develop your positioning to create a powerful category of one…

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  • Learn my proprietary content system to work smarter, not harder…

  • Master the high ROI skill of digital writing with personalized feedback…

  • Discover proven engagement strategies to accelerate your account growth…

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  • Unpack the 8 lucrative ways to monetize your LinkedIn account…

  • Access the 6-figure funnel blueprint for coaching, courses, keynotes, and more…

  • Learn how to launch and scale a newsletter to 200,000 subscribers and beyond…

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Choose the package that’s right for you.

30 Minutes

One Live Video Call


  • Ask 3-4 Questions
  • Custom Profile Audit
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60 Minutes

One Live Video Call


  • Ask 6-8 Questions
  • Custom Profile Audit
  • Access to Creator Course ($297 Value)

12-Week Program

Six 60-Min Live Video Calls


  • 2x Monthly Calls w/ Ad-Hoc Support
  • Hyper-Customized Training
  • Performance Analysis
  • 30-Day Monetization Roadmap

Corporate Upskilling

Want me to train your team? (3+ people) Apply for custom pricing.

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You also have large audiences on Instagram, Twitter, and your newsletter. Can you advise me on those platforms, too?

Yep, I can advise on any of the following platforms: LinkedIn (645K+), Instagram (700K+), Twitter (370K+), and Newsletter (225K+). Most clients like to focus primarily on LinkedIn, but we can also save time for secondary platform strategies.

How is 1-on-1 coaching different than your course, Creator Method?

Creator Method is my self-paced course ($297). You’ll get complimentary access to that course by purchasing a 60-minute session or 12-week program. The advantages of 1-on-1 coaching? Personalized advice for your unique goals & skillset, accountability, and accelerated results.

Will my company cover this training? Can you send me an Invoice?

Your company may cover this training. I can send you an invoice.

Who is this NOT for?

I’m not a done-for-you ghostwriting service. I’ll teach you the skillset of digital writing and how to build leverage through a strong personal brand. My coaching is for people who want to learn these valuable skills to implement themselves (or train their in-house team). In other words, I’ll teach you how to fish so that you can fish (and eat) for life.

There are other LinkedIn growth coaches. What makes you different?

Three areas that set me apart:


1. I’ve built a highly engaged LinkedIn audience of 450,000+ in under a year. (Some say it’s the fastest ever to that milestone.) Most other accounts my size took 3-5 years to reach 450,000 followers.


2. 99% of LinkedIn growth coaches build their audience by writing about how to grow an audience. Then, they try to teach people how to build an audience in other niches, which rarely works. I’ll show you how to craft high-growth content while staying true to your interests and voice.


I’ve built my audience by writing about personal development (in both career and life). Thanks to building a large following, I’ve signed with a top literary agent for a forthcoming book.


3. I received a Cornell MBA (specializing in marketing). I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in learning personal branding, consumer psychology, and digital marketing. You’ll get the best of that information personalized to your goals.

Are your coaching plans for beginner or advanced creators?

Both. I’ve helped accounts grow from 1K-25K+ followers or 40K-130K+ in a few short months. I’ve also helped clients go from no monetization to multiple 6-figure internet businesses. I will adapt my approach to wherever you are on your journey.

Can other people join the call?

Yes, you can invite up to 3 folks directly on your team to our coaching sessions. For larger group training inquiries, please email me (

Why should I get started today?

I struggled on social media in my first couple of months. Then, I invested in coaching, and everything changed. If I didn’t invest in coaching, I would have struggled for many more months! What I learned: You either pay the cost in time or money. When I was in your shoes, I preferred to trade money to save my time (to upskill faster and accelerate my results). If you feel the same, consider booking a call.

About Me

Accelerate your thought leadership with expert training.

Ben Meer About Coaching Page
  • Built 1.8M+ social audience (LinkedIn, IG, X)
  • Averaged 15M+ monthly impressions on LinkedIn
  • Created several 6-figure online profit streams
  • Scaled newsletter to 225K+ subs
  • Cornell MBA (Marketing Specialization)
  • Fortune 500 Consultant

Ben Meer

I escaped my 9-5 thanks to writing online. Learn the exact systems I used to grow my LinkedIn following from 0-400K followers in 9 months.

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